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Bellavista sui Sassi is a tour operator originated from its creator’s determination in order to enhance its know-how, which was acquired during a long-time experience in touristic field.


The company is specialized in high quality and not ordinary touristic welcoming from the very beginning, with a well-established method, which has always given an added value to its touristic proposals.


A strict collaboration with carefully selected and loyal touristic infrastructures lets to improve more and more customers satisfaction. It takes advantage of high professional profile collaborations only.

“We don’t want to be an ordinary tour, we want to take our customers by the hand and lead them discovering authentic places, in order to thrill them with unusual and values, traditions and culture-soaked experiences.


Our philosophy intends to pursue the task to perfect more and more products and services, with an always accurate glance to an ethical tourism and environmental protection, especially those of the past rural territories

Pasquale Laguardia

(Owner and Technical Manager)

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