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Bellavista Sui Sassi decided to undertake a new path in the field of medical tourism to help so many people in their desire to solve their hair problems by combining the Italian organization with the cutting-edge medical skills, developed in an emerging country like Turkey.



We started from the choice of a team of highly specialized professionals in the field of microsurgery applied to hair transplantation: the Eurasia transplantation centre and its large staff of 40 professional specialist surgeons who have carried out more than 20,000 successful operations in 10 years of brilliant activity with patients from all over the world in Turkey, a true world excellence in the field of surgical-aesthetic medicine.


To rely on expert hands and take advantage of a highly advanced structure with the respect of the strictest safety protocols in terms of hygiene and health, in a pleasant, modern, comfortable environmental context like the Eurasian clinic in Istanbul, means avoiding unwanted results and living a happy experience in one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in the world but at the same time a fascinating metropolis suspended between the oriental charm and western efficiency and modernity: Istanbul.


The Eurasia team, with its excellence and professionalism, will take care of hair transplantation.


Bellavista Sui Sassi will do the rest, organizing trips is our business, and we have been doing it for 20 years, building around a package of equally professional and quality tourist services to make the experience in Istanbul not only great by the successful outcome of the intervention but also pleasant and comfortable: the flight to Turkey from the nearest Italian airport to your home with reliable and efficient airlines, transfers with which customers are picked up from the city airport on the Bosphorus with modern and exclusive minivans and professional drivers to the ****/***** hotel and clinic.


There, there will be a sweet and kind interpreter who speaks Turkish and Italian and who will follow the guest step by step during their stay in Istanbul.


On the day of the operation, guests are picked up from the hotel by our VIP cars and taken to the clinic, where the operation will be performed. Eurasia’s medical consultants take care of it in every way.


Once the operation is complete, guests will be regularly kept under observation and all necessary instructions are explained in detail. The quality of service that is provided before the hair transplantation will not end after the surgical procedure. There will be a free consultation for our patients for two years after the operation.

BELLAVISTA OFFERS A WARRANTY!  Customers/ patients can sleep peacefully with us because during their stay they will enjoy an insurance coverage against any health event that may arise and also the company guarantees every disservice that should be found with its own insurance coverage of liability civil. Even surgery is insured by the clinic!!  And finally, the serenity of always having to deal with an Italian company ready to intervene in any problem!


BELLAVISTA SUI SASSI GIVES YOU MORE THAN THE OTHERS!  If we can put together a minimum of 6 participants for each departure, we want our guests to feel even more reassured and cuddled by the presence of an Italian assistant with knowledge of at least two languages that departs with them from Italy!


He will collaborate all the time with his Turkish colleague for a serene and happy stay in Turkey!


No one will give you so much! Because we want patients to be satisfied and happy when they return to Italy. So, they will speak well of us!

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