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What is included

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- Surgery under local anaesthesia for hair transplantation, performed by medical surgeons with FUE technique, with the graft in the area without or with a few hair, maximum 5000/5500 hair bulbs taken from the donor area of the scalp (according to physiological and personal capacity of the donor area) in a single surgical session of about 8 hours at the Eurasia HairTransplant Center Clinic in Istanbul (Turkey);


​- Round-trip flight (including hand baggage) with the best Turkish and/or Italian airlines from Rome (departures from other Italian airports with supplement and/upon request) to Istanbul and back to Italy;


- All transfers (Istanbul Airport/Hotel/Eurasia Clinic) from the 1st to the 4th day of stay in Istanbul with car or minivan and driver according to the schedule;


- 4-days/3-nights stays in Istanbul in a 4-star hotel (including bed and breakfast from 2nd to 4th days dinner on 2nd day) of the Emirtimes hotel chain, like Gaziosmanpaşa Merkez or similar with basic double or single room accommodation;

- Treatment of Prp (platelet-rich plasma);


- Post-surgery drug therapy (antibiotics, painkillers, prednol for swelling), aspirin;


- Aftercare kit (Special shampoo, foam for 1 month, head bandage, neck cushion);


- guarantee certificate issued by the clinic as medical and legal responsible for the auto transplantation operation;


- removal of post-surgery bandages in the clinic (3rd day) by specialised staff;


- assistance in Italian by Turkish staff during their stay in Istanbul;


- pre-surgery anti Covid swab on arrival in Turkey (1st day);


- assistance and intermediation with the Turkish clinic upon return to Italy;


- health insurance for the duration of stay in Turkey (4 days);


- liability insurance for tourism services included in the package;


- guarantee for insolvency and bankruptcy of the Tour Operator (Insurance Nobis) to cover the amounts paid by the customer;


- assistance with a chaperon departing from Italy (only with a minimum of 6 participants per single departure).


For more information:

  • visit us by appointment at our offices;

  • contact us by phone at 081/0733343 - 02/87197967;

  • use the form in the section "our services"

  • write us at



You will receive all the necessary information to book our services.

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