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Among the many testimonies, we propose a particularly significant one: that one of Mr. Francesco Zito, who chose to try this experience honouring us with his choice:


Q: Dear Mr. Zito, can you tell us how and why you came up with the idea to undergo an auto transplantation surgery?

A: Yes, I am 50 years old and I live in Villapiana Lido (Cosenza).  At 28 years old I suffered a bad car accident with deep scars on my head. There, my hair didn’t grow back but I could still cover it up. Over the years, I started losing the hair that exposed my scars. For me it was a double trauma.


Q: How did you think to solve the problem?

A: I never believed in pills and miracle potions. I started to inquire about a possible transplantation. To get an idea, I paid a visit to a well-known Italian clinic. They asked me about 6000 €! But I had no intention of spending that amount. I had given up the idea.


​Q: And then, what happened?

A: About a year and a half ago, I decided to take a vacation with my family, and we went to the offices of Bellavista Sui Sassi Tour Operator where I’ve been booking trips for 20 years. I was struck by a brochure that was about a tourist package with attached hair transplant surgery in Istanbul complete with flight, assistance with interpreter, 4 /5-star hotel downtown, insurance guarantees. The price of the entire package was less than half the budget in the Italian hair center where I had been. I left the agency without booking my vacation but with the brochure of the transplantation package in Turkey...


Q: But were you not afraid about the idea of going to Turkey for such a delicate treatment?  And then the low prices, you know, there is to think about it...

A: for the truth yes, in fact I did not decide immediately... but curiosity increased and the relationship of trust with the agency deserved a deepening. They explained to me that Turkey is not only a beautiful tourist destination but also a guarantee for this type of interventions with a level of preparation and specialization not inferior to that of western countries, perhaps more and with not low but fair prices instead, and related to the standard of living and to the cost of Turkish labour. For a Turk they may still be high prices but not for an Italian. That is why Turkey is now the first country in the world for this type of intervention.


Q: So, did it convince you?

A: Yes, I just needed a little push to finally convince me also because in the end the price, we talk about a little € 2000, was within my reach. So, the price of a modest vacation but that could change my life and make me feel better about myself. Why not try? What finally convinced me is the seriousness of the proposal. Before I left, I had to provide photos and fill out a medical file sent to Turkey for an in-depth assessment of my case. If there were no medical conditions guaranteed to do the surgery, they would not give the OK to the departure and I would be returned the deposit. No jump in the dark and great sense of trust and seriousness that I perceived! Then on January 9, 2020, before the outbreak of the pandemic from Covid 19, I left for Istanbul with 2 other people.


Q: How did it end?

A: Far beyond expectations! Istanbul, a beautiful city, ancient and modern at the same time. We immediately felt a great efficiency. A VIP minivan took us to a very nice hotel in the centre of Istanbul. And then, the next day, we went to the clinic. All the fears and anxieties of the previous night were gone. I felt like I was in Switzerland for beauty and cleanliness. They put us immediately at ease. The staff was very friendly, we did all the preliminary medical examinations. A nurse shaved our hair. As far as I am concerned, the aesthetic surgeon explained some details about the surgery, the type of attachment, the number of bulbs to be implanted and so on... I explained above all that I wanted to cover the scars and they did everything perfectly. In the evening, after the intervention, we were also offered a dinner at the hotel because we were a bit exhausted but very clear headed… The next day, they took us back to the clinic in the presence of a beautiful hostess who was an interpreter too.  They removed the bandage of the day before and they made the first shampoo that is always a bit delicate, giving us all the instructions and recommendations to follow.


Q: Are you satisfied?

A: No, happy! For what I paid I would have made a simple vacation of a week. But I bring with me something that will last a lifetime! And today, a year apart, I’m enjoying my beautiful tuft...



(Interview courtesy of Francesco Zito)

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